Can not plot degree distribution in Cytoscape Network Analyzer on logscale
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2.5 years ago
bhodai • 0

I am using Cytoscape 3.9.0. When I tried - Tools > Analyze Network, the following window poped-up enter image description here

When I clicked on 'Node Degree Distribution', 'Betweenness by Degree' I got the following windowsenter image description hereenter image description here

I want to generate a plot like thisenter image description here

I would really appreciate if anyone could help

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2.5 years ago
scooter ▴ 620

Greetings, I have two suggestions for you. First, to solve your immediate problem, I would export your node table as a csv and read it into excel. The degree value is added as a column in the node table and you can easily plot it in Excel. Second, I would definitely submit a feature request to improve our plotting. We have an active project to replace CyChart with a newer package and now would be a good time to request log plots as a feature.

-- scooter


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