Estimating the level of cytokine and chemokine from BulkRNAseq count matrix
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2.8 years ago
synat.keam ▴ 100

Dear Seniors/members,

Hope you're doing great. I believe there are members of Biostar doing some immuno-oncology projects through RNA Sequencing.

Cytokines/chemokines are the protein secreted by immune cells that serve as languages for immune cells to talk to each other during the responding process to invading pathogens / cancer.

There are some algorithm such as Cibersort, MCP-counter, which can be used to estimate the fraction of immune cells from abundance of bulk RNAseq.

However, I'm wondering whether anyone knows whether there is any R package or web-interface that can be used to estimate the level of cytokine from BulkRNAseq count-matrix?

Looking forward to hearing from all members and senior soon.

Kind Regards,


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