How to include a Jmol Console Script in a Python Script
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11 months ago
kbaitsi • 0

I have created a python script and a Jmol Console Script. How can I load the Jmol Console Script into the Python Script?

For example I have this Jmol Console Script:

load 'ligand_PDB_entry_prompt'
select water ;
delete selected ;
select protein ;
delete selected ;
select model=1.1 ;
write 'new_ligand_dir' ;
write 'new_xyzligand_dir' 

ligand_PDB_entry_prompt is an input in my python program and new_ligand_dir and new_xyzligand_dir are variables created upon the ligand_PDB_entry_prompt.

How can I include the above script as a variable (load_ligand) I can call later on in my python script?

Thank you in advance.

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