Do companies accept students for Master's Thesis in Germany?
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16 months ago
Shreyashi • 0

Hi I am currently a first year Master's student specializing in Computational Biology based in NRW, Germany and I want to know if there are any companies in Germany that take in Master's students under their wing for the Master's thesis and projects. I am taking multiple Computational Biology modules and would love to do my projects and thesis in a company because I want it to be insdustry oriented and be approachable in the job market.

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I've edited your title to be less information-dense but still get your point across. Please frame your titles better in the future.

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12 months ago

Yes and internships are often advertised on job boards (e.g. here). I would also suggest to ask your university/program manager for companies the program has had contact with in the past.

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8 weeks ago

Yes, there are many companies that accept master students. In NRW, Bayer is the obvious one for computational biology, but there are many other (better?) options depending on our preferred domain. So do some research who might be working with the type of data or application that you are interested in most and state this as a reason why you are approaching them specifically in your application.

Furthermore, also try to get in contact with former students of your program who already did their master's thesis in the industry - the "Fachschaft" is certainly able to help you with that. Firstly, your chances of a success are a lot higher if you can obtain a direct contact from a former student and send your application straight to a potential supervisor, compared to a referral from the HR department. Secondly, the quality of your project and the mentoring may vary greatly depending on the person and department, so if a former student can vouch for a good workplace, this is very valuable. Ideally, approach the companies well in advance of your desired placement.

In case you have found a company which appeals to you, but doesn't offer master theses on their careers page, it is still worth contacting them via an open application. Particularly in this case, you should have made arrangements with a professor from your university before reaching out, yet any company will cherish, if you already have your co-supervisor from the university lined-up, since it will streamline your placement.

Good luck!


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