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10 months ago
Venkatesh ▴ 10


How can one go about looking for entry level jobs in bioinformatics or analytics for students graduating with a BS in the US. I am asking this for a relative of mine, who is having difficulties finding suitable roles in the domain via his college placement department. Are there any job sites that can provide a list of entry level roles in the area?


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Indeed.com - entry level bioinformatics positions has plenty of bioinformatics related job listings.

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10 months ago
Pratik ▴ 800

I really like LinkedIn for searching for jobs. It seems popular amongst employers in academia and industry as well.


If your relative goes to any specific institution's job portal, he may have better luck there as well. I know for instance UCSF doesn't post their jobs to LinkedIn or, I think anywhere for that matter. They have jobs only in their job portal.

The next step after applying is usually to reach out with a concise email to the Principal Investigator of the lab or the Senior Research Manager or the Administrative Assistant of the lab to spark interest, possibly asking to setup a time to chat via ZOOM, and also remembering to send over his full resume, cover letter, and optionally reference contacts all in one nicely packaged PDF. I have seen a good response following this method.

Your relative could also maybe be successful reaching out to his advisor to see if they have any connections they could set him up with. Even if it's unpaid in the beginning while your relative is completing his education, it could lead to a paid opportunity after graduating, or at the worst a good reference for a paid opportunity elsewhere.


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