Read eds files ABI 7500 FAST multicomponent_data.txt
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2.1 years ago
Edmond • 0

Hello Biostars comunity,

Is there any open tool to read multicomponent_data.txt files in R, Python, or Bash (ABI 7500 Fast)? I found this tool, however, the files I have do not have an XML multicomponent file, only multicomponent_data.txt files. ROX and FAM data

If there is no tool to read eds files because the private company, does anyone knows how it is structured the data on the multicomponent_data.txt file?

The multicomponent_data.txt files contain a distinct number of columns and new lines as \n\r other only as \n. It seems that some records have 6 columns and others have 15 columns.

Thankyou in advance

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