Stringtie merge keeping original STRG ids
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5 months ago
mespinosa • 0

Sorry in advance if this question has been previously asked, I could not find related information.

I am using stringtie merge option to reconstruct novel sequences present in many samples. StringTie merge is suitable to do that as it generates a unique MSTRG id for a sequence that may be present in more than one sample. However, is there any option, for these novel sequences, to keep a track on the previous STRG id? For annotated sequences, StringTie is able to keep and add to the final gtf the ENST and ENSG identifiers, but it is not able to keep the STRG ids previously generated. If so, I could know in which samples was present that sequence. However, I am not being able to keep that information and, as StringTie generates ordered STRG ids, they not necessarily match across samples...

Is there any way of getting that information in the gtf output generated by stringtie merge?

Thanks in advance

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