Transfer from one MG-RAST project to another generated "undefined" sample names
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17 months ago
Jigyasa • 0

Hey everyone! I am trying to make my raw data in MG-RAST public. I moved some of the samples (with distinct sample IDs) from a collaborator's project (for which I had access to edit) into a common project. The moved samples do not show up in the "metagenomes" section of the study. But they appear in the "access" section as "undefined". Even though I moved them, I don't have access to edit or remove these samples!

Most importantly, the "metadata" section recognizes them and is preventing me to make the project public. I get an error that the samples do not have a metadata associated with them. I have tried calling them as "undefined" in the metadata excel sheet, but as all 5 samples have the same "undefined" name, that also throws an error.

I have sent an email to the MG-RAST help page, but still waiting for a reply. Any suggestions would be helpful!

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