Job:ELIXIR Technical Coordinator for bioinformatics tools & training
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3 months ago

Monthly take-home salary

ELIXIR is seeking an experienced bioinformatician who can combine technical understanding of current trends in bioinformatics software (development and delivery) with the skills to maintain and develop a Europe-wide network of bioinformatics training resources and experts.

Based at EMBL-EBI on the Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge, ELIXIR is a research infrastructure that works with 23 European countries to help unite life science resources. We are a non-profit organisation that is building a network of people and resources to help support and streamline life science research.

Pay: monthly take-home salary from £3,143.06 per month

Benefits: EMBL-EBI contract, comprehensive private health insurance, family and child benefits, 30 days holiday plus UK holidays, visa waiver

Application deadline 11 February Full details

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