Paternity issues with ABI PRISM 310
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8 months ago
Edmond • 0

Hi, every one

I am working in a lab, where they run samples for paternity. Last week, with several samples, on the ABI PRISM 310 (it's an old instrument, working for a decade with no issues).

They are having issues regarding the quality of the samples for the last week. They have always been preprocessed the samples with the same method, and they are sure that the biological preparation is well done.

What they have done so far is the following: they have tried to change the capillary, amplification reactants. As well as to wash completely the pieces of the instrument as well as changed the computer. The issue is happening on three different types of equipment

What they are thinking is the issue, is the pop, because it is filtering outside the syringe.

Any help please? or another forum where I can ask?

So, I am not a biologist, I am just the bioinformatician of the group.


here it is the ouotput of the amplification

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8 months ago
Marcela ▴ 20

Hi Edmond,

Have they changed the syringe? because if it leaking out, the capillar could be dry -not filled with POP-and so, DNA migration is affected.

Hope, it helps, Marcela


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