Job:Open post-doc position in cancer genomics at WashU in St. Louis
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10 weeks ago
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The Spencer Lab at Washington University in St. Louis is seeking a postdoctoral researcher to lead exciting new projects in the field of Cancer Genetics. The Spencer lab studies human genomics, cancer genetics, gene regulation, and the genomics and epigenetics of acute myeloid leukemia and has published articles in Cancer Cell, Cell, Leukemia, and the New England Journal of Medicine. The lab has extensive expertise in both bench science and bioinformatics and is a key member of the cancer genetics group at Washington University and Siteman Cancer Center. Dr. Spencer has received funding from ASH, the Cancer Research Foundation, Doris Duke, Siteman Cancer Research Fund, and the NCI, and has extensive collaborations with the McDonnell Genome Institute and investigators funded by the Genomics of AML Program Project Grant.

This Postdoctoral Researcher will play a lead role in current studies of epigenetics, gene regulation, and 3D genome architecture in acute myeloid leukemia using primary human samples, cell lines, and mouse models. Responsibilities will be to design, perform, and analyze data from genomic assays, including HiC, CUT&RUN, ChIP-seq, single cell RNA-seq. Experiments will also include CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genetic and epigenetic manipulation of AML cells and massively parallel reporter assays to investigate gene dysregulation in leukemia. There will be opportunities for development of new cell line and animal models and testing, evaluation, and analysis of new genomic technologies. Authorship on high-profile publications that result from this work is expected. The postdoc will work directly with Dr. Spencer on a day-to-day basis, allowing for close mentorship to promote career development, including an independent research program and external funding.

Go to for more information about research in the Spencer lab or visit to apply for this position

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