Calculate a FACS channel's histogram
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17 months ago
agout • 0

Hi there,

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question, but I feel like not seeing the tree in the forest. ;) I have some data from a FACS experiment and want to plot histograms of a given channel.

The channel's data is an 1D array of decimals ranging from slightly below zero to 10^5. No matter if I use Excel or Python pandas, the histograms show that the majority of values is below 100 (counts > 3.5e5 of 2e4). The rare events with high signals are barely visualized. However, if I use Flowing Software 2 or look at the report of the facility (they're using BD Diva), the histograms only counts up to ~200 with most values above 100. Obviously, there's some data transformation going on. The axis in the dedicated FACS software seem to be log-scale (or logicle) and there are counts around zero, which are heavily compressed in the final graph. However, simply plotting the data on a log-scaled axis in Python does not help.

As said, not sure, whether this is the right place, because it's a more question about theoretical and mathematical background. ;) But if someone can give some explanations for a naive person, this would be great.

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Can you post the python and the software plots, to get an idea?

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They look like this:

Histogram plotted by FACS software

Histogram plotted with Matplotlib


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