Cytoscape Tetramer Error Without Hints
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22 months ago
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Hi there, currently I am trying to use Cytoscape Tetramer for some regulator prediction projects, but got an error without any hints. Here is the error I got:

enter image description here

Seems that my input dataset is correct after double checking - There is no error message shown after uploading the time series expression data. But this error panel is shown when I prepared everything done and hit the "Create the network" button. This is completely new for me, and any help will be much appreciated.

regards, W

PS: Here shows the expression dataset I used (displayed by R, and the final format is .txt).

enter image description here

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Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with tetramer, but one suggestion would be to run Cytoscape on the command line ( for Linux or Mac, cytoscape.bat for Windows) and post the stack trace. That will give us a pretty clear idea of where the problem might lie. It might not lead to a solution, but at least we can direct your question for clearly. Second, have you tried the sample data set in their tutorial? If that works, and yours doesn't, that will also help debug the problem.

-- scooter


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