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3 days ago
Rob ▴ 120

enter code hereHey friends, The following code gives me a scatter plot of the correlation between gene expression (y-axis) & my continuous variable (x-axis). It gives me the R coefficient and p-value. I have two problems: 1) I need also to have a q-value (corrected p-value). what should I add to my code to have this? 2) I also want to rank the genes based on R and q-value? I mean I want the plots to be in the order of descending/ascending R & q-values. how is it possible?

ggscatter(ex, x = "variable", y = "Expression",
          add = "reg.line",                         
          add.params = list(color = "blue", fill = "lightgray"),
          color = "black", palette = "jco", fill = "lightgray",          
          #shape = "cyl",                            
          fullrange = TRUE,                       
          rug = TRUE, = "gene", cor.coef = T,
          title = "Correlation Plot",
 = TRUE, 
          cor.coeff.args = list(),
          cor.method = "spearman",
          cor.coef.coord = c(NULL, NULL),
          cor.coef.size = 4,                               

  geom_vline(xintercept = 157, colour="red", linetype = "longdash")

here is the plot I get (with R & p-value for each gene) :


RNA-Seq plot scatter • 189 views
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I think you're reaching the limits of what ggscatter can do. I'd recommend calculating your own q vals, using pivot_longer, factor your gene names in whatever order you want, then switching to ggplot+geom_scatter. Maybe start with one gene until you optimize your plot then add in the facet_wrap.


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