News:Data analysis with the Tidyverse in July (18th-21st).
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17 months ago
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Dear all,

there are the last seats available for the 2nd edition of the "Data analysis with the Tidyverse" course.

Dates: online, July, 18th-21st

Course website:

After completing the workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Import into R data frames from various sources (CSV files, Excel, the web).
  • Clean, wrangle and reshape complex data frames.
  • Create appealing data visualizations.


Day 1 (2-7 pm Berlin time)

  • Data loading with {readr}, {readxl}.
  • Very fast data loading with {vroom}.
  • Introduction to web scraping with {rvest}.

Day 2 (2-7 pm Berlin time)

  • Using the {magrittr} pipe operator.
  • Data cleaning and wrangling with {dplyr}.
  • Data reshaping with {tidyr}.

Day 3 (2-7 pm Berlin time)

  • Data visualization with {ggplot2}.

    Day 4 (2-7 pm Berlin time)

  • Introduction to Functional Programming with {purrr}.

  • String manipulation with {stringr}.
  • Handling date data with {lubridate}.

Full list of our Courses and Workshops:

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