Issue with FastML Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction
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7 days ago
CM • 0

Dear forumers, I've been trying to generate an ancestral sequence using the ancestral sequence reconstruction software FAstML. I am using the command line and have made sure the input files (both the aligned sequences and the phylogenetic tree) are in the correct format, but every time I start the program it terminates, showing the following message:

*#"""��#=�������<gfff� was found in the tree file but not found in the sequence file. Please, Re-run program with _intersectTreeAndSeq to produce new MSA and Tree.

System Error: Numerical result out of range fastml: errorMsg.cpp:41: static void errorMsg::reportError(const string&, int): Assertion `0' failed. Aborted (core dumped)*

It claims that some elements are found in the tree file but not in the sequence file, and I've checked multiple times both files and made sure the sequences present matched. Could the issue be elsewhere ? Is it a bug ? I have seen other people deal with this error message, but never came across a solution. Any advice or insight would be much appreciated,

Thank you !

FastML reconstruction ancestral error _intersectTreeAndSeq • 88 views

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