Deleted:Parsing genomescop summry file of many isolates into a csv or excle
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14 months ago
nagarsaggi ▴ 40

Hi there, I am running genomescop for 100 of isolates. I would like to extract information from the summary file (a text file) to a csv or excel of each isolate. Please suggest a bash loop for the extraction information.

Here is an example of the summary file.

GenomeScope version 1.0
k = 21

property                      min               max               
Heterozygosity                1.23503%          1.24183%          
Genome Haploid Length         70,702,656 bp     70,756,833 bp     
Genome Repeat Length          17,241,190 bp     17,254,402 bp     
Genome Unique Length          53,461,466 bp     53,502,431 bp     
Model Fit                     95.7749%          98.4718%          
Read Error Rate               0.106981%         0.106981%      
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