Deleted:How to run Bionano Hybrid Scaffolding without root and Solve tool
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9 weeks ago
snakelake • 0

Hello :)

I´m trying to build an assembly pipeline that utilizes Bionanos HybridScaffolding. After researching it seems that the only way I can access that tool is by downloading the whole Bionano Solve Software and installing it manually. That is quite a bummer since I want the pipeline to be accessible easily for others without a manual installation process. Furthermore, I would need root access to my institute's server to install Bionano Solve, which probably won´t be an option.

Has anyone found themselves in the same situation and has figured out a workaround?

I was thinking about just extracting the script from the software package, but that does not seem to work for me without console errors.

Thanks in Advance!

My pipeline is built in snakemake and therefore uses conda environments for dependency management.

snakemake bionano linux conda • 166 views
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