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14 months ago
David ▴ 10

Come and work with me! Dave Adams:

The Experimental Cancer Genetics group aims to identify cancer genes and to understand their function. We are also interested in how genes interact to promote cancer development, and how these interactions may be exploited for therapy. The lab is a mixture of wet-lab experimental and data scientists.

About the Role:

We are seeking to recruit two Senior Bioinformaticians who can facilitate the scientific work of the group by helping drive the computational data analysis support for the DERMATLAS Project, which aims to profile the somatic mutational landscape of rare skin tumour types and to understand the germline drivers of these conditions and the Sanger Comparative Oncogenomics project which is sequencing large numbers of animal tumours and comparing them to tumours from humans. You will need to be able to use existing pipelines and tools, as well as develop new analytical and statistical platforms, to effectively mine the data that we will generate.

About you:

You must be a good communicator and able to understand the objectives of the project and the clinical need. You must be proficient at devising and implementing software solutions and statistical analyses and able to effectively communicate with the wet-lab scientists. You will also be required to work with other bioinformaticians and also PhD students and postdocs in the team. This role would suit somebody with significant previous bioinformatics experience and a deep understanding of next-generation sequencing data analysis. You will work collaboratively with other computational biologists in the Cancer Ageing and Somatic Mutation Programme, as well as collaborators both within the Wellcome Sanger Institute and externally.

Essential Skills Technical Skills:

• MSc related to biology/computer science ideally or equivalent experience.

• An interest in genomics, cancer biology and genetics.

• Good programming skills in R

• Experience with modern coding practices: Git, Agile, Cloud and Containers

• Experience of other languages and development tools such as Unix, Java, Python, and SQL

• Experience with variant calling and transcriptomics

• Strong design and analysis skills including object orientated software development

• The ability to think laterally in order to combine disparate technologies

• The ability to rapidly troubleshoot and resolve issues in high throughput 24/7 systems

• Experience of researching/using/supporting external software packages

• Ability to rapidly attain new technical skills and understanding of new concepts

• Experience of basic systems administration in Linux

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