Job:Biodiversity Genomics NGS Informatician (London UK)
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19 months ago
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Basecamp Research

Hi everyone, we're looking for a NGS bioinformatician to join the Basecamp Research data science team to help us achieve the goal of building the largest and most comprehensive biodiversity knowledge store. The endeavour will explore biodata collected from around the world often in unexplored locations and biomes where a majority of the data will be unknown, unannotated and constitute a large part of the undiscovered “microbial dark matter”.

This will be a strong collaborative role working closely with all teams at all data collection and analysis points. This will include but not limited to our biodiversity partners, field scientists, sequencing ops, ML scientists and commercial stakeholders.

At Basecamp Research we are not only trying to build and leverage the largest unique biodiversity knowledge store to discover new proteins/biomolecules and insights for our commercial partners, we are striving to do this in the most ethical way by providing Access Benefit Sharing to our biodiversity custodians and following the United Nations Nagoya Protocol for fair sharing of genetic resources.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We are London UK based.

For specific role details, what type of candidate we are looking for and how to apply visit:

We are also looking for field scientists with molecular biology background to sample the globe, machine learning scientists to work with the latest deep learning techniques, among others. For more information about Basecamp Research visit

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