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15 months ago
carlopecoraro2 ★ 2.4k

Dear all,

registration is now open for the Physalia course " Deep Learning in Population Genomics and Phylogeography "

Format and dates: Online, February 20th-23rd (2-8 pm Berlin time)

This course will focus on using deep learning, specifically Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), to extract information from genetic data for population genomics and phylogeography inference. The theoretical background for simulating genetic data and developing deep learning architectures will be covered and followed by practical examples, in modules structured over five days. On the first day, the participants will learn how to conceive and simulate genetic data under competing demographic scenarios. Day 2 will cover deep learning background and simple practical examples to understand how a CNN works. In Day 3, deep learning will be used to compare the demographic scenarios conceived in Day 1. Day 4 will be dedicated to the simulation of genomic regions with selective sweeps and using CNN to detect such regions on real genomes. The course is structured to include lectures with discussions of key concepts and practical hands-on sessions, contextualised with research study cases.

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