Deleted:PhD project: The molecular role of gene regulatory variants in the immune system for common cancers (INSERM, Marseille)
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We are proposing a Ph.D. project to investigate the role of frequent immune regulatory variants in common cancer predisposition. Cancer-associated variants from genome-wide association studies will be annotated using different “omics” data from immune cell types to pinpoint causal variants and predict target genes and underlying immune cell types. This information will be used to investigate molecular mechanisms, regulatory networks, pleiotropy, and comorbidities related to common cancers.

Genome-wide association studies have provided a wealth of associations between genome variation and cancer diseases. The A. Gonzalez team has annotated thousands of variants associated with frequent cancers with the underlying genes and tissues using expression quantitative trait loci. However, the genes and tissues of the majority of genetic variants associated with cancer remain unknown. In this project, we will use “omics” data from immune cell types to annotate cancer genetic variants with “omics” data from immune cell types to better understand the basis of common cancers.

The Ph.D. candidate should have a master in bioinformatics or a related field obtained in a non-French university, with knowledge in biology, computer science and statistics. The candidate should be interested in human genetics, “omics” data analyses, genomics, and gene regulation.

This Ph.D. project is funded by the Chaire « Santé » CMA CGM. The research laboratory is at the TAGC INSERM U1090 ( ). The deadline for application is Monday, Nov 28, 2022. The Ph.D. candidate has to send a motivation letter and a CV to A. Gonzalez ( aitor dot gonzalez at univ-amu dot fr ) ( )

Application deadline: Sunday, Nov 28, 2022,

Position for international candidates from non-French universities

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