Reads that don't map back on assembly itself
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10 days ago
Bwremjoe ▴ 30

Hey all,

I recently made a mistake in a script, and it still confuses me what exactly happened. Since part of my analysis relies on some of these details, perhaps some of you can elaborate.

I recently assembled a metagenome (metaspades) and mapped the reads back onto it (bwa). Usually, not all reads map back, because not all reads are assembled. So far so good.

However, I recently accidentally re-assembled only those unmapped reads, and some of them assembled into 1000+ basepair sequences. Can anybody explain to me exactly how that can occur, since they (apparently) did not assemble the first time? How come they assemble now?

Thanks a lot! :)

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9 days ago

The way of the assemblers are mysterious - we may ask why something happened but usually, the answer will not be forthcoming :-)

One way reads can be left unassembled is if they cannot be resolved within the existing larger and better assembly. if a read fits in many places but everywhere is unreliable

once you separate the reads, now the assembler has to do with what it got and builds a much worse model everywhere

long story short, assembly is a complex and not all that easy to trace protocol

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Ah, thanks for this answer. It's more or less what I expected, but it's really making my life difficult right now :')


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