Job:Junior Professor in Computational Biology applied to Cardiovascular Research
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11 months ago

We are currently seeking a highly motivated and creative scientist with more than 3-year experience in computational biology to develop a research group at l’institut du thorax in Nantes, France.

By opening one Chair of Junior Professor, we aim to recruit a scientific leader in computational biology applied to cardiovascular diseases. The chair holder will develop novel numerical approaches aimed at building new predictive models of cardiovascular disease based on multi-scale data integration, disease computational modelling and/or outcome prediction. His/her research will benefit from: (1) established cohorts of subjects/patients with associated clinical, behavioural, biological (molecular) and phenotypic information; (2) well-characterized 3D cell models derived from human subjects; (3) complementary expertise in human genetics and cardiovascular pathophysiology at the ITX laboratory. He/she will also have the opportunity to build on international networks coordinated by the ITX teams in cardiology, endocrinology and/or neuroradiology.

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