News:New ebook: From cell line to Command line to learn computational biology
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18 months ago
Ming Tommy Tang ★ 4.1k

Hello! Bioinformatics lovers,

I hope you are enjoying your holidays and having a great time with your families.

I am more than excited to announce that the "From Cell line to Command line" book is finally out. It was a wild ride for the past five months. Grab an early-bird copy at

enter image description here

I got emails from around the world asking bioinformatics questions and advice on learning bioinformatics. They are interested in the same transformation that I did. That's why I started the book back in August.

Thanks to my wife, I had time to work on it in the early morning or late at night. I reviewed my old blog posts, my github repos/gists to include many topics that I wish I had known earlier. Take a peek at the book's contents.

The HTML files are best for reading; a 440-page PDF and epub file are also included. I also included many tricks I learned from Twitter. It includes real examples you can follow too. I hope this book will help you start your bioinformatics journey.

Of course, the book is not perfect, and I wish to hear your feedback. It is going to be a dynamic book that I can update regularly. So feel free to email me with your suggestions. If you find it helpful, let me know too!

If $39.9 is a lot in your country, email or DM me on twitter, I will get you a $20 discount. I really hope you can be on the same journey as me.

Also, if you find it is not what you want, email me in 7 days after your purchase. I will fully refund you and you keep the book.

Remember, success is not a destination; it is a journey.

I am still learning every day.

Happy bioinformatics!

Take Action now to make the changes you want in 2023!

More later,

Tommy Tang

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Hi, it's $39.9 or $49.99? It looks like a very interesting book for me, since I am just starting to work in Bioinformatics and the only help I have is what I learned in my master's degree and what I am learning on my own. Sadly, I don't think I can pay that for it right now, but I will save it for sure for the future

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Hey, the second version was just out, take a look if you are still interested


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