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9 weeks ago
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Dear all,

There are still a few seats available for the 3rd edition of the Physalia course "Genome-wide prediction of complex traits in humans, plants and animals"

Dates: online, 6th-10h February 2023

This course will introduce students, researchers and professionals to the steps needed to acquire expertise in the genomic prediction area applied to animals, plants and humans. We will start by introducing general concepts of Quantitative Genetics and mixed model theory, progressively describing all steps and putting there seamlessly together in a general workflow.


  • Interpreting and calculating the genomic breeding value and genomic risk score
  • Understanding the different steps involved in a typical genomic prediction analysis and how to implement computer tools to carry them on.
  • Implement cross validation design to estimate the ability of genomic data to predict complex traits, and its application in human genetics and breeding programs.

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