Publicly available control datasets
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9 days ago
storm1907 ▴ 30

I am currently in desperate need of publicly available healthy men controls (from cancer researches) in GRCh38 build:

1) WES vcf files, preferably VEP annotated;

2) bedgraph files

I know there are gnomad v2 and ExAC datasets available, but there are many problems with liftover to hg38 and following annotation, so these are not suitable.

I also had issues with preparing and annotating gnomad v3 genome vcfs with VEP, so this format should be avoided too.

I heard there will be gnomad v4 exome dataset coming out soon, but is any exact date known?

And probably someone knows if any healthy control germline bedgraph dataset is available somewhere?

Thank you very much!

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