Database of Embryo-Lethal or Known Knockout Phenotype Genes in Rice
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8 weeks ago

I am looking for a database of rice genes with known knock-out phenotypes. The only example I know of something like this existing is the work David Meinke's lab made available here and described most recently in this paper. The Meinke lab database is essentially several lists of Arabidopsis genes with an observable phenotype when the gene is either mutated or knocked out. I have looked at the Rice Genome Annotation Project's website but have not found anything that looks particularly helpful. I have also looked at the Rice Annotation Project's website, again without finding anything helpful. If anyone can suggest other databases that might contain information about rice genes with a known phenotype when knocked out, that would be much appreciated. If that sort of information is actually available on the websites I've linked, please explain where to find it. I also welcome any suggestions of relevant research papers.

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