Anti-CRISPR and Cas protein interactions
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7 weeks ago
Moein • 0

Hi, I'm trying to build a dataset of Acr and Cas protein interactions and I had a couple of questions. First, most of the literature includes which Acrs interacts with what Cas proteins and they don't mention negative examples. So, I was thinking If I know for example that AcrF1 interacts with Cas7, can I assume it doesn't interact with all other Cas proteins?

Second, some research papers mention that a certain Acr protein inhibits the CRISPR system in a certain bacteria and they don't mention anything about what Cas proteins are affected. Can I assume that For all sequences in one Acr family, they all affect the same Cas protein? e.g. if one AcrF9 inhibits Cas8 and Cas7, all AcrF9 sequences will interact with the same Cas proteins?

I'd appreciate it if you explain these to me, and if you have any useful material please do share it with me. Thank you.

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