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17 months ago

Hello helpful folks,

I have several human genes of interest (with their gene name, gene id, sequences, and accession number information) that are homologous to their corresponding mouse genes in terms of their sequence similarity. I am curious to know in which region of the human genes the sequences similarity exists. For example, I want to know if the sequence similarity is in (a) promoters (proximal/intermediate/distal promoters, (b) exon (first exon/other exons), (c) intron (first intron/other introns), (d) untranslated region (5’ UTR/ 3’ UTR), (e) intergenic regions (downstream/distal intergenic).

Is there an efficient way to find in what region of the genes the homology exists? Are there any R packages available for the task? If not, anyone wants to collaborate to make one.

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