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8 months ago
Thomas • 0

Hi all,

I'm trying to do a Gene Ontology with the Gost function. I'm working on sheep, which I believe can be referred to as "oaries" or "oarambouillet".

I'm facing a bit of an issue, as when I'm trying to run the gost I get this error:

No results to show
Please make sure that the organism is correct or set significant = FALSE

I've tried both organisms, as well as setting significant to false, but it's not working. One funny bit though is that if I ask the function to generate a short link, the query runs on the GO website.

Does anyone knows why it runs on the website but not in R ?

                 organism =  "oaries",
                 ordered_query = TRUE,
                 multi_query = FALSE, 
                 significant = TRUE,
                 exclude_iea = FALSE,
                 measure_underrepresentation = FALSE,
                 evcodes = TRUE, 
                 domain_scope = "known", 
                 correction_method = "fdr", 
                 user_threshold = 0.05, 
                 custom_bg = NULL, 
                 numeric_ns = "ENTREZGENE_ACC",
                 sources =c("GO:MF","GO:BP","KEGG", "GO:CC"),
                 as_short_link = FALSE)

Thanks a lot !

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