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The Fanciulli Lab at IRCCS Regina Elena National Cancer Institute is seeking a highly motivated Bioinformatician with expertise in Scientific Computing Support. The selected candidate will play a key role in the development, implementation, and maintenance of various IT systems, with a primary focus on scientific software and services. Additionally, this position will be responsible for providing computational research support to the lab's team members. The successful candidate will join a dynamic and collaborative research environment within the Fanciulli Lab team.

  • Deployment, configuration, and management of the computing infrastructure;
  • Deployment and management of Bioinformatics pipelines;
  • End-user training on programming languages, scientific software, and tools;
  • Research software development.
  • University degree in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Informatics or related fields;
  • 2 Year of experience in a similar role;
  • Strong working knowledge of UNIX based system;
  • Working knowledge of R and Bioconductor;
  • Working knowledge of Python, Biopython or equivalent projects;
  • Working knowledge of containers technologies (Docker and/or Singularity);
  • Orientation to interpersonal relations and teamwork;
  • Knowledge of the main bioinformatics data types and formats;
  • Knowledge with main bioinformatics tools (Bedtools, Samtools, BWA, STAR, Cellranger etc);
  • Knowledge of Nextflow and/or Snakemake;
  • Working experience as administrator of HPC systems;

Please Apply Online by Sending an email to (Only Linkedin application are not considered valid) with:

  • a full CV in English;
  • a motivation letter in English.

The Fanciulli lab has a longstanding interest in the control of transcription in cancer through the study of Che-1 protein activities. Recently, the lab has extended its research to translational studies on Multiple Myeloma. Dr. Fanciulli has been responsible for the NGS facility since 2009 and the Animal facility since 2011.

Our state-of-the-art NGS facility at the Regina Elena Institute is equipped with a range of cutting-edge instrumentation, including Illumina DNA sequencers such as Nova-seq 6000, Next-seq 500, and Mi-seq. Additionally, we have a complete NCounter Nanostring station with a GeoMX instrument, a DEPArray station, and Agilent Tape station and Bioanalyzer for estimating nucleic acid samples integrity. Recently, we have acquired two 10X Genomics Chromium stations for single cell libraries production. The facility is staffed with three full-time researchers and four bioinformaticians. Bruno, T. & Corleone, et al. & Fanciulli, M. (2022). AATF/Che‐1 localizes to paraspeckles and suppresses R‐loops accumulation and interferon activation in Multiple Myeloma. The EMBO Journal, 41(22), e109711.

Bruno, T et al., & Fanciulli, M. (2020). Che-1/AATF-induced transcriptionally active chromatin promotes cell proliferation in multiple myeloma. Blood advances, 4(22), 5616-5630.

Sorino, C &, Catena,et al. & Iezzi, S. (2020). Che-1/AATF binds to RNA polymerase I machinery and sustains ribosomal RNA gene transcription. Nucleic Acids Research, 48(11), 5891-5906.

Number of positions offered: 1

Contract offered: 1-year fixed term and the potential for extension up to 3 years. We offer a competitive salary that is commensurate with your relevant experience.

The position is based in Rome at IRCCS Regina Elena National Cancer Institute (On-site).

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