Error while running Virusfinder
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11 weeks ago
DC • 0

I got an error while running Virusfinder. Please find the attached image for the details of the error, also blat_out_candidate_singlelane.fa is 0 in size. Can any one please help me out?

enter image description here

Virusfinder • 254 views
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I've fixed your post. The following changes were necessary:

  1. A concise title
  2. Explanation of the problem goes in the post body, not in the title. I've moved the content and cleaned it.
  3. No shorthand/IM jargon please. Always write professionally.
  4. Tags are for subject matter, not random things that you think are important. "Step2" is not a thing unless some context is added. Are you referring to Chrysalis, the second of the trinity? If so, the tag should be chrysalis, not Step2.
  5. Please do not paste screenshots of plain text content, it is counterproductive. You can copy paste the content directly here (using the code formatting option shown below), or use a GitHub Gist if the content volume exceeds allowed length here.



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