Homer annotatePeaks for enrichment analysis
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11 weeks ago
Joana • 0

I want to test differentially methylated regions (DMRs; identified in whole genome bisulfite sequencing data) for enrichment of certain genomic features. For example, do I see more DMRs in promoters than I would expect by chance?

It was suggested to me that a simple and first analysis could be done using the Homer function annotatePeaks.pl with the hidden option -annStats.

However, I want to provide a background list of all regions identified in the data.

Currently I'm running this:

    annotatePeaks.pl dmrs_fdr.bed mm10 -annStats dmrs_enrich_homer.txt  > annotated_dmrs_homer.txt

With dmrs_fdr.bed being the list of significant DMRs I want to test. However, this does not define the background list I want to test against.

Is it even possible to do this with homer?

Thank you!

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