Finding Kinetic Parameters from Western Blot images
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7 days ago
Vijeth • 0

I am trying to find kinetic parameters from western blot images using a series of steps on ImageJ, GRABIT function on Matlab and finally Excel…

1. I have got the plots from the western blot images using the ImageJ tool

  1. Further I've extracted points using the Grabit function on MATLAB…

  2. Using the data from MATLAB I'm trying to find the concentration on Excel using the Calibration curve…

How do I calibrate the X and Y axis on the plots that I have got from Image J?
Or is there any other method where I can find the Kinetic parameters from western blot images??

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vijeth - i may not understand what you mean, but can't you do all of those steps in the web browser version of ImageJ, and export directly to excel?

if not, can you provide an example?


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