Can I send my PyMol results to a web-page as a result for a submitted query? If not, how can I get a 3d render of a protein as a result for a user submitted query?
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8 days ago

I am pretty new to bioinfo. I am working on a project just to polish my skills. I am coding on python

I am trying to make a website which will take input of a .pdb file and do some analysis on it and give result of the 3d structure with some labels and stuff.

If I can get the result on PyMol, how can I set it up such that the website will accept the .pdb file. Do whatever it needs to do on PyMol and send the result back to the wesite to be displayed as a result.

If there is any other way to do a similar thing I would very much appreciate the input.

Thank you very much.

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Sounds like you might be better off using something like Mol*:

Depends what analysis we're talking about though.


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