Combination of ROC CURVE
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4 months ago
Maria17 ▴ 20

Hello everyone,

I have the list of targets and their ROC curves ,how can i combine the different roc curves and get the roc curve with 3-5 targets with highest SP & SE. before i sorted them according to AUC and plot the mean value of top 5 DE targets but it does not change the AUC, SP or SE significantly.

i am looking for the one way to check all combination between these targets and remove the repeated data and give me the best of best combination .

Any recommendations or solutions would be appreciated.

Thanks Maria

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How do you know the AUC, SP (Specificity), or SE (Sensitivity) will change significantly with the right combination? (in other words, how do you know what you tried is not sufficient?). (BTW, I couldn't understand your question at first, so I pasted the first sentence into ChatGPT, and it returned a 5 point protocol of what to do...but I couldn't tell if it was that different than what you've already tried).

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For example, if three targets are combined and the mean value is plotted, the different combinations give different numbers, but there are too many targets to do this manually. For some targets, I sorted by p-value and AUC, but for others, I sorted by AUC, SE, and SP to see which one is better. It is important to me to sort all combinations by AUC, SE, and SP in order to determine which one is the best.


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