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3 months ago
angelina • 0

Hi, I did a BUSCO analysis using lineage metazoa_odb10. Below is a snippet from my output, I am missing the column for gene ID description from my output.

The metazoa_odb10 lineage dataset is missing the links_to_ODB10.txt file. So, I tried solutions from https://gitlab.com/ezlab/busco/-/issues/358 and https://thackl.github.io/BUSCO-gene-descriptions links. None of which worked for me. Please help me resolve the issue.

# BUSCO version is: 5.4.3 
# The lineage dataset is: metazoa_odb10 (Creation date: 2021-02-17, number of genomes: 65, number of BUSCOs: 954)
# Busco id  Status  Sequence    Gene Start  Gene End    Strand  Score   Length
5951at33208 Complete    JACCGJ010025638.1   57492   80831   +   4018.8  1986
9639at33208 Missing
13816at33208    Complete    JACCGJ010001967.1   23414   55531   +   444.7   652
14776at33208    Missing
16244at33208    Duplicated  JACCGJ010007355.1   1117    11526   -   1800.2  1119
16244at33208    Duplicated  JACCGJ010024525.1   1685    38237   -   1856.5  1522
40200at33208    Missing
45934at33208    Missing
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