Visualization App for RNASeq Differential Expression and Enrichment Analysis
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4 months ago
Mark • 0


I am looking to see what the latest and greatest is in terms of an app to visualize the results of a differential expression analysis of an RNASeq dataset, including any subsequent enrichment analyses. Ideally this app would take the results of edgeR / DESeq2 and enrichment analysis in the form of topGO, GSVA, or just some form of Fisher Exact Test and allow a user to further explore the results. This would include volcano plots and heatmaps of gene expression and pathway expression, along with potential further network analyses and visualizations. In the past, I have cobbled together workflows that output pdf reports and Shiny based tools to make custom heatmaps. But I feel there must be something out there that can do something like this in a more robust framework.

My current front runner for such a tool is GeneTonic ( which is so far very promising, hitting most of my criteria. I just want to see what else is out there, what do people recommend.

I am not interested in an "all in one" RNASeq solution like SEQUIN that starts with raw data and helps you get to the final analysis. I want something to purely visualize the analysis I already did.

Thanks for your attention and recommendations!

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