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10 months ago
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Dear all,

We are excited to invite you to a comprehensive online course that will equip you with the skills to seamlessly integrate ancient DNA data into your evolutionary genomics studies. The "Incorporating Paleogenomes into Evolutionary Genomics Studies" course offers an invaluable opportunity to learn from leading experts in the field and enhance your understanding of this rapidly evolving area of research.

Course Details:

This course is aimed at Masters or PhD students as an introduction into including ancient DNA data into their genomic analyses. The course will cover mapping, filtering and quality control checks of ancient DNA. Inference of population structure when including ancient DNA samples. Inferring demographic histories using of ancient samples. And lastly, assigning genomic regions under selection to distinct adaptive haplotypes of known association with specific habitats.

Course is free of charge and funded by the ADAPT ESEB special topic network. Participants must be student members of ESEB (The European Society of Evolutionary Biology). Student membership costs 30 euros and comes with a range of benefits, including reduced open access publishing and conference fees:

The maximum allowable number of students is: 18!

To enroll for this course, kindly complete this form. The deadline for registration is the 15th of September. The 18 successful students will be notified a few days after the registration deadline.

Course Schedule:

  • Monday: Mapping and Quality Control Checks
  • Tuesday: Population Structure Inference
  • Wednesday: Demographic History Analysis
  • Thursday: Selection Analysis

Each day will consist of a 3-hour session starting at 1:00 PM EU time. Throughout the week, you will engage in practical sessions and gain hands-on experience using data from the recent Kirch et al. study on ancient threespine sticklebacks.

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