Deleted:Selecting SNPs for two-sample Mendelian randomization study/analysis
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10 months ago

Dear All,

I'm familiar with one-sample MR analysis. However, when it comes to two-sample MR, I feel a bit mixed-up of how to choose SNPs and prepare data ready for analysis. To simplify, suppose I have chosen 11 SNPs for exposure (X) and 16 SNPs for outcome (Y); however, almost or even all SNPs for exposure are not SNPs for outcome (see a hypothetical example enter image description here).

So, to prepare effect size (beta) and SE for each set of SNPs, they are not overlapping SNPs, so cannot perform two-sample MR analysis, while we are expecting the standard layout for analysis as this: enter image description here.

So, I appreciate any of your advice or guide on how to choose SNPs for 2-sample MR.

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