maftools - median survival time doesn't match plot
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6 days ago
BioGuy • 0

Hello all,

I'm using maftools in R to plot some basic survival curves based on gene mutation, for example:

mafSurvival(maf = TCGA_maf, genes = "TP53", time = "overall_survival", Status = "deceased")

I get the following output plot:

Survival curve generated by maftools

The output text from the function call says that median survival for TP53 mutant is: 662 and median survival for WT is 1130. By just looking at the survival curve I see that the median values in the curve are much higher, around 1000 for TP53 mutant.

So why is the mafSurvival function giving out these conflicting median values?

Thank you very much.

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