ADMIXTURE Freezes Right Before Completion
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3 months ago

Hello, I am trying to run admixture for k = 4 on a .ped file, with cross validation. I've been successful before in running admixture on the same dataset with different values of k. My input is simply: ./admixture --cv myfile.ped 4

The program runs fine and prints it's progress as it goes. However, I'm encountering an error where it seems to stall at the very end, before writing any output files. After the block relaxation iterations converged and Fst values were calculated between populations, admixture appears to freeze. Using top I can see it's using the cpu but it is not printing any progress/results and I'm not sure if there is anything more to be performed after between population Fst values are estimated. Moreover, no output files appear in my directory. I've waited for many hours to see if anything would happen but to no avail. Here's a screenshot of what this looks like: enter image description here

Has anyone else encountered something similar? If so, what would you recommend I do? I greatly appreciate any advice!

Thank you!

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