Software for Spatial Transcriptomic data [NanoString; Visium]?
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12 weeks ago
LauferVA 4.0k

Hello Biostars,

I was writing to ask if any of you have experience with data generated using either Nanostring GeoMx or 10X Visium.

Our group has Nanostring data in hand and will be generating 10X Visium data soon-ish. So, most immediately we have a need for insights relating to pre-processing and normalization first for Nanostring data then for Visium.

In addition, insights, thoughts, code, etc. for downstream aspects of the workflow is most welcome as well. More than likely we will eventually try to incorporate this into one or more Bioconductor Packages; if this occurs we will provide attribution and are also open to collaborative approaches as well.

Thank you!


NanoString Visium Spatial-Transcriptomics 10X • 293 views

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