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Dear all,

We are excited to announce that registrations are open for the 7th edition of the online course on RAD-seq Data Analysis, taking place in November 18-22. This course is designed to foster international participation and bring together researchers and technical workers from around the world.

Course website:

In this course, we will introduce various approaches for obtaining reduced representation genome sequencing data and focus on data analysis using Stacks. You will learn all the necessary steps to obtain genome variants from short read data that are informative for population genetics, phylogenetic, and association studies.

The course will span five days, with each day featuring an introductory lecture and class discussion of key concepts. The remainder of each day will be dedicated to practical hands-on sessions. These sessions will include mirroring exercises with the instructor and individual exercises, with group discussions on interpreting results.

This course is ideal for researchers and technical workers involved in generating and/or analyzing reduced representation genome sequencing data (RAD-seq, ddRAD, 2bRAD, GBS, etc.). We will cover examples involving non-model organisms, both with and without draft reference genomes, and demonstrate applications of this data type for various purposes.

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