Linking To A Specific Genome In Jbrowse
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7.5 years ago
Biowoogles ▴ 20

I am looking for some options as to how I might be able to dynamically control and link to an installation of JBrowse I have running on a server from another webpage, for example:

I have a page on a site that gives information about a particular contig of a genome, and I would like to be able to link to the JBrowse visualisation of the contig sequence with some annotation data as a track. Is there a way to do this using using the url api or another similarly easy method, or if not, could you advise me on the nature of the script I would have to write (I am capable of writing something in JS or Python) to get this to work?

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Have you asked your question on the JBrowse mailing list? See

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5.2 years ago
cmdcolin ★ 1.7k

There are a lot of ways to link to specific genome regions using the URL which is documented here

You can use

  • http://localhost/jbrowse/?loc=chr1
  • http://localhost/jbrowse/?loc=chr1:100..200
  • http://localhost/jbrowse/?loc=GENEID

Those are all options. Linking to the specific chr region is available automatically, and linking to a specific GENEID works if you have run on your dataset.


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