Locating SNP's to genes
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7.6 years ago

I am trying to assign SNP's to gene after a QC on a dataset. I have managed the majority except two. As they were genotyped on an Illumina immunochip, some have alternative tags. The first two mean that it it chrX : base position.

  • imm_2_233951960
  • imm_19_51965978
  • rs4411366

Thanks, Tom

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7.6 years ago

Segregate out SNPs into two classes and process them into one BED file. Once you have them as a BED file, you can do set operations against gene tables (RefSeq, GENCODE, etc.).

This answer uses BEDOPS tools and conversion scripts, so have this suite installed before proceeding.

First, use grep to extract all of your SNPs that start with rs:

$ grep "^rs" SNPs.txt > rsSNPs.txt

Then use mysql to grab the dbSNP snp138Common table as a BED file:

$ mysql --user=genome --host=genome-mysql.cse.ucsc.edu -A -D hg19 -e 'SELECT chrom, chromStart, chromEnd, name FROM snp138Common' | tail -n +2 > snp138Common.bed

Now use grep to filter snp138Common.bed for your rs* SNPs of interest:

$ grep -wFf rsSNPs.txt snp138Common.bed | sort-bed - > rsSNPs.bed

Second, Illumina SNPs which have chromosome name and base positions in the annotation name could be converted to a BED file directly:

$ grep "^imm" SNPs.txt \
    | awk ' \
        BEGIN { \
            OFS = "\t"; \
        } \
        { \
           split($0, elems, "_"); \
           chr = "chr"elems[2]; \
           start = elems[3] - 1; \
           stop = elems[3]; \
           id = $0; \
           print chr, start, stop, id; \
        } \
    ' - | sort-bed - > illuminaSNPs.bed

Third, take the union of the two BED files with the bedops set operation tool:

$ bedops --everything rsSNPs.bed illuminaSNPs.bed > allSNPs.bed

You now have a sorted BED file called allSNPs.bed, which you can query against RefSeq, GENCODE and other gene tables of interest.

As an example, let's grab GENCODE v19 records, filter them for genes, and convert the result to BED with the gtf2bed conversion tool:

$ wget -O - ftp://ftp.sanger.ac.uk/pub/gencode/Gencode_human/release_19/gencode.v19.annotation.gtf.gz \
    | gunzip -c \
    | grep -w "gene" \
    | gtf2bed \
    > gencode.v19.genes.bed

To demonstrate mapping/querying, we use the bedmap map tool to look at a 1 kb window around each of your SNPs of interest, looking for any GENCODE v19 gene name annotations that fall within that window:

$ bedmap --range 500 --echo --echo-map-id-uniq allSNPs.bed gencode.v19.genes.bed > answer.bed

The file answer.bed will be in the following format:

[ SNP-i ] | [ gene-id-1 ] ; [ gene-id-2 ] ; ... ; [ gene-id-n ]

In other words, each line has a SNP and the names of any GENCODE gene names that overlap a 1 kb window centered on the SNP.


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