Job:PhD candidates in genomics and computational biology, Laboratory of Eivind Valen, University of Bergen, Norway
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Laboratory of Eivind Valen, University of Bergen, Norway.


Gene regulation is a coordinated process acting at multiple levels of which transcription and translation are the most prominent. Our lab is dedicated to the fundamental question of how transcription and translation is integrated to obtain the desired protein abundance. The recent development of high-throughput next generation sequencing techniques to monitor both active translation and transcription has made it possible to study this connection at the genome scale.

This project aims to elucidate the links between regulation of translation and transcription. The applicant will analyze next generation sequencing data and model gene regulation on a genome-wide level to identify the features that affect the translational output of transcripts. The work will be done in close collaboration with experimental scientists who will test the predictions of the computational models.

We can offer

  • starting salary of NOK 421000 (USD 70275)
  • a competitive, multidisciplinary and stimulating work environment mentored by leading scientists in the field
  • opportunities for extended visits at collaborators at leading universities
  • a good pension scheme in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund


  • Applicants must have achieved a master’s degree or equivalent within the field of computational biology or related fields.
  • Techniques required for this research project include analysis of high-throughput, next generation sequencing data. Familiarity with this type of data and methods for analysis as well as the relevant statistics will be an advantage.
  • Proficiency in R, Python or other programming languages typically used in computational biology.

The deadline is May 14th and applications can be posted at the following link:

Additional information on the position can be obtained by contacting Eivind Valen (

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