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Handle: @carlk
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Twitter: @CarlKadie
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Location: USA/Redmond/Microsoft Research (Retired)

I recently retired from Microsoft and Microsoft Research. I now work, as a volunteer, on open-source projects related to Machine Learning and to Genomics.

Previously, I was a Principal Applied Scientist in Microsoft Office. Before that, I was a Principal Research Software Design Engineer in Microsoft Research. Within Microsoft Research I was a member of the Genomics, eScience, Machine Learning and Applied Statistics (MLAS), and Adaptive Systems and Interaction (ASI) groups.

Development and Research Interest and Activities

• Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence • Genomics (e.g. PySnpTools and FaST-LMM on GitHub) • Graphical Models and Bayesian Reasoning Systems (e.g. MSBNx) • Fighting Spam with Machine Learning • Collaborative Filtering

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