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Abraham is a BS Computer Science graduate whose former focus (though willing to turn back given ample amount of time - i.e. retraining) in this field are on Software Engineering and its great impacts on efficiency, reliability, among others; thus giving solutions to identified problems leading to positive impact on the progress of the society and humanity in general. While his current job focus is not 100% aligned with these, he tries to compensate by regularly reading relevant literature such as current trends/predictions/analysis of the digital world and occasionally immersing in teach-yourself sites such as CodeCademy.

Right now, he is with the C4 Rice Center of the International Rice Research Institute as an apprentice in Bioinformatics. He helps higher-level researchers in harnessing the power of technology to perform activities such as in-silico experiments, sequence alignments, setting-up of relevant web applications for the overall benefit of the C4 Rice Project - an ambitious and challenging aim to turn the less efficient "C3" Photosynthesis in Rice (Oryza sativa) into type "C4". If successful, the world will be able to have twice the current rice production rates thus contributing to food security which almost always translates to peace and political stability.

Aside from programming, writing code, among others, his job requires him to digest scientific books, journals and articles that is of relevance to his department's ultimate quest. He's quite struggling to understand those things laden with so much Biology however he is working on it even bit by bit. In line with this aim, he enrolled in as a Non-degree student at the University of the Philippines Los BaƱos again taking up an introductory course to Biology.

On a side note, he enjoys reading books that of relevance to the society's perennial problems and how can these be solved - so those that cover History, Economics, Politics Social Sciences and even Forestry/Natural Resources come to mind.





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